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The question that everyone at some point will ask is, "What should we expect for our engagement shoot?" Hopefully this will help!

An engagement shoot typically lasts about an hour depending on location etc. This is a time for you and I to really get to know each other a bit more and go out and have some fun! The shoot will yield about 20+ images that will be sent to you for download. If you see a couple images somewhere that you just love - let me know - but you also need to trust in my creativity and shooting style. I will get you some stellar images that you will cherish for years to come.

Unlike your wedding, I will book multiple sessions in a day so I do try to keep these ones as close to home as possible to allow me to have time with everyone before their wedding days.

Dressing Tips:

  • Try to avoid wearing anything with really loud patterns that will take a way from your face or partner.
  • You don't have to "match" - just find complimentary colours.
  • Avoid wearing white - you'll have A LOT of images in white coming up soon!
  • Be comfortable. Whether you decide to dress up or go casual - just make sure its something that is 'you'.
  • Shoes may show! Don't forget that shoes will show in some your images so unless you love the look of those beat up comfortable runners; don't wear them!
  • Props - I've had a lot of people make some cool DIY props such as signs, banners, Save the date signs to hold etc. Anything that you would like to have in your photos just take with you on the day and we will be sure to incorporate it. This is by no means necessary.


There are so many amazing locations to consider for your engagement shoot. Although this list is by no means exhaustive, it certainly should give you some great ideas of what you may want. If your not familiar with these areas, google them and you'll get some great shots taken in the area.

Engagement shoots are typically done anywhere within 35 km of my home base in Guelph. For every wedding I shoot, I also have an engagement to book so this can be up to 50 shoots per year - typically only done on weekends - so time can get pretty limited. Unlike weddings, I will try and schedule a couple engagements in one day, however, please know that I will never rush your shoot and will leave lots of time for us to get what we need! Typically I shoot engagements from November to June. I really do appreciate when a couple is able to come to me for the engagement shoot as it really helps me manage my family and business time.

There are so many gorgeous locations in this area - if theres something missing from my list, please let me know! I'm always looking for new ideas!

Guelph & Area

  • Guelph Arboretum - (fields, woods, paths, old farm fencing, a Japanese garden, gazebo)
  • Goldie Mill (old stone mill, wrought iron bars, path, trees, river)
  • Downtown Guelph (coffee shops, old buildings, roads etc.)
  • Guelph University (neat buildings, field, trees, War Memorial Hall)
  • Covered Bridge (near downtown Guelph) - Also a great backup for rain!!!
  • Riverside Park (great colour/flowers, gazebo and mini-waterfall)
  • Rockwood Conservation Area (Rockwood Ruins, paths, caves, woods - Rockwood, ON)
  • Rattlesnake Point (paths, nice view of trees, rocks, forest)


  • Soper Park Cambridge (trees, paths)
  • Cambridge Mill (Warning: Not always available, need a permit from the Cambridge Mill to Book this area however there are some neat paths and locations around this area)
  • Paths along the Grand River (Cambridge)/Southworks Outlet Mall (very neat old buildings)
  • Columbia Park Waterloo (paths, stream, trees, old swing - if its still there!)
  • Downtown St. Jacobs - the Market


Any heritage site or park!